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TR069 & TR369 Device Management Service

Cloud service for device management (“Cloud DMS”) is a cloud-native TR-069 ACS and TR-369 Controller which allows you to remotely configure, manage and monitor various types of devices compatible with CWMP (TR-069) / USP (TR-369) protocols, such as xDSL modems, GPON terminals, Wi-Fi routers, VoIP gateways, STB, etc.

Cloud DMS covers most of the tasks faced by the ISPs in terms of managing subscriber devices:

Automation of technical support

Services management

Software Update

Mass-scale operations aimed at obtaining new or changing existing device configurations

Back up and restore device configurations

With Cloud DMS you get a reliable and modern service based on the next generation device management platform. Cloud DMS is the fastest and most effective way to start a successful remote monitoring and device management project. In a few minutes, you can connect any CPE and take it under control.
You can request a free TR-069 ACS / TR-369 USP Controller demo after registration.


Next Generation ACS / USP Controller

Modern ACS server / USP Controller supports multiple protocols and fully featured with all device management tasks.

Smart algorithms

Integrating devices into Cloud DMS is now easier than ever before. The smart algorithms can adapt the portal to your CPE devices without additional efforts and costs.

Any tool that you need

Cloud DMS offers multiple tools for your management needs - from changing settings on the local network and TR143 diagnostics to complex mass-scale operations and configuration file management.

Cloud native

The solution is designed and built on Cloud principles. This is the first ACS server / USP Controller as a function. You can run several instances for your projects / customers.

QoS / QoE

Service Quality Monitoring (SQM) allows you to directly collect different KPIs from your CPEs, demonstrate the trends and track the behavior of services.

Adjustable plans

Our subscription plans are highly flexible. This allows you to pay only for the tasks and work volume that you need.

Service overview

ACS or USP Controller as a service

Cloud DMS provides on-demand cloud TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server (ACS) / TR-369 USP Controller on a pay-as-you-go basis. This allows you to have dedicated instances available over the Internet at your disposal at any time. For each instance you can specify the required resources and configuration.

Device onboarding

If your device is compliant with TR-069 / TR-369 protocols, it will be automatically recognized, preconfigured and ready to control.
To manage your device, you only need to configure the ACS URL or USP Controller endpoint. You will be able to manage your CPE device immediately after its first successful connection with the ACS.


For remote device management, we rely on CWMP (TR-069) and USP (TR-369) standards from the Broadband Forum. Therefore, we can work with the devices produced by various equipment manufacturers.
Cloud DMS can support any device fully or partially compatible with TR-069 / TR-369 protocols and provides legacy support for other devices based on device capabilities and data models. If you have any special requirements, you can communicate thought a change request form that you can fill out and send to us.
There are no limitations on execution of any standard RPC methods. If you need vendor specific methods, we can add them too. For device validation, use the interoperability tool, such as

Devices behind NAT (TR-069 only)

Cloud DMS supports different mechanisms defined by the BroadBand Forum for management devices behind NAT.
  • UDP Connection Requests (STUN)
  • XMPP Connection Requests
If your devices do not support the standard mechanism, the problem can be solved through the special proxy, deployed in your network. Please, contact us for further information.

Support Portal

Support Portal allows the technical support team to interact with subscriber devices in real time mode. For example, they can find specific information about the subscriber network, update device firmware, run diagnostics to collect information and solve other problems.
Support portal reads the parameters from the managed device, presents them in a user-friendly form and makes it easier to change settings. For advanced users, it is possible to manage CPE directly by using RPC methods.

Remote diagnostics

Cloud DMS Service offers a set of standard TR-143 diagnostic functions and scenarios.
  • IPPing
  • TraceRoute
  • SpeedTest Download & Upload Diagnostics
  • UDPEcho and UDPEchoPlus
  • NSLookup Diagnostics

WiFi optimization

If your devices support WiFi Radar functionality which can be triggered remotely via NeighboringWiFiDiagnostic, then Cloud DMS server can help you to estimate the quality and interference factor of the current WiFi environment and recommend the best settings for achieving maximum WiFi performance. Cloud DMS supports management of both 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz frequency bands. See for details.

Admin Portal

Admin Portal is an administration UI from which you can perform mass-scale operations such as firmware upgrades and launch campaigns on multiple CPE devices.
Additionally, administrators can manage the platform user base, view campaign results and troubleshoot logs of scenarios that were launched on the CPE devices.

Northbound Interface (NBI)

Cloud DMS is ready for OSS / BSS integration to create an integrated solution for faster development and deployment of new services. Cloud DMS provides OpenAPI 2.0 specification. It allows you to:
  • read, add, update or remove devices from inventory
  • execute any RPC method on a single device or within the group of devices
  • execute diagnostics scenarios
  • manage services (VOIP, HSI, WIFI etc)
If you have any specific requirements, such as special services and NB methods, please contact us.


Cloud DMS provides secure HTTPS connection for NBI and SBI. The CPE WAN Management protocol used for this purpose is designed to be highly secure. The security goals of the CPE WAN Management Protocol are as follows:
  • Prevent tampering with the management functions of a CPE or ACS, or the transactions that take place between them
  • Provide confidentiality for the transactions that take place between CPE and ACS
  • Allow appropriate authentication for each type of transaction
  • Prevent theft of service
If you have any special requirements such as VPN, we can help you to make your plans a reality.

Subscription plans

The price depends on the package, the selected number of CPE devices and additional options. You can request a free demo of TR-069 ACS and compare packages after login.
TR-069 Free***TR-069 StarterTR-069 AdvancedTR-069 Advanced+USP Free***USP Starter
Support portal
Mass-scale operations
User accounts 1 1 5** 5** 1 1
External authentication
Devices behind NAT
Config file management
Number of CPE devices 1 - 3 75 - 50,000* 75 - 50,000* 75 - 50,000* 1 - 3 75 - 50,000*
* maximum limit of CPE devices can be increased on request
** limit of number of accounts can be increased on request
*** access to free packages provided on request, subject to availability of resources
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